In store revamp

Had a crazy night the other night (at the store until 12.45am!!) revamping the store after picking up my new Like Butter plywood cubes.  Tried to rearrange everything to show all our fab new stocking stuffers and toys in store.


Moppit and more inside store visual merchandising

photo 1[19]


photo 2[17] copy


photo 3[10] copy






We were lucky to get some of the extremely popular Festive banners from the fabulous Australian brand Pony Rider.




And I also managed to put up our colourful and crazy Christmas tree.  As soon as I saw Sugar and Cloth‘s DIY I knew I had to give it a go.  Poppies for Grace are one of our fabulous suppliers already and when I contacted them they were quick to come to the party by sending me a whole heap of pom poms and accessories.  It fits perfectly with our store and colourful and crazy nature.

We set about recreating something similar to Sugar and Cloth and I think we did ok!!  I added some of our silver String lights from Down to the Woods too to show up for those passing by at night.


photo 2[17]


photo 3[10]

photo 5[15]

Let me know what you think!!!

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