Winter Window Display

I love creating fun and new windows at the store and try and have a new display at least every 1-2 weeks.  I think it keeps it exciting and it also gives you the chance display new stock and refresh some older styles.  For me the key is not trying to show off your whole shop of stock in one window.

I have so many different styles of products but I cannot possibly show that all in one window so changing it up regularly means different styles can be shown each time.  

This window is from the week before Mother’s Day and I had just had a new delivery of Velvet pillowcases as well as new bedlinen.  I wanted to show off the texture and luxurious nature of the velvet so we layered up the pillows and I used feathers dipped in all different coloured glitters to hang en mass from the ceiling.  The top of the pillows needed something extra so a baby mannequin was perched on top.  

The following weeks we were expecting the most amazing Indian style headpieces so I decided to let them speak for themselves and placed them without any mannequins in the window.  I want to add a bit of texture and colour though so used some copper piping as a hanging rack to show off some pieces hanging individually. 


Our latest window is the creation of RMIT student Anna.  She came to me as part of her assignment in her Visual merchandising course and asked if she could come up with a display to be set up for a couple of weeks.  She came up with the concept that I approved and installed it earlier in the week.  It looks great and really suits the style of what we would normally do..





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