Back to School Idea #1

lunch punch

It’s that time of the year.  Back to lunch boxes,  back to coming up with something new everyday!!  I have been using these for my son’s lunch since he started at kindergarton a few years ago. Everyday he has the dolphins sandwiches- one vegemite (2 dolphins) and 1 jam.  I am going to try and expand his repertoire this year but we will see how we go!!

Lunch PunchMaking Sandwhiches fun!

Sstart the school year than with an inspiring lunch! These BPA-free plastic cutters are easy, fun and healthy – great for sandwiches, fairy bread, cheese, playdough, toast, cookies and much, much more!

Designed for minimum wastage, transforming even the humble cheese sandwich into something cute and fun to eat.  Lunch punch comes in a set of 4-cutters, and with four different designs theres something that will suit even the most fussy eater: Transport set, Animal shapes set, Whimsical shapes set and the original Puzzle shapes set! And at $15.95 they’re a small price to pay for that empty-lunchbox feeling, and make excellent gifts!

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