Need a Pretty Dress for Christmas Day??

Pretty Christmas Dress

Pretty Christmas Dress

I have collated just a few of the dresses we have in store at the moment.  They are the perfect for your niece, goddaughter, cousin or sister.

They are all online now or in store at our Clifton Hill location.  We are open everyday until Christmas.

Moppit and more dresses

Moppit and more dresses

1. Bella and Lace dress. 2. Rock your baby Liberty dress.  3. Bella and Lace Rhona Dress. 4. Peggy Solaris Dress. 5. Peggy Blaze Dress. 6. Moppit Elf Dress. 7. Littlehorn Posey Dress. 8. Minti Swan Dress 9. Rock Your baby Macaroon dress. 10. Littlehorn Stella Dress. 11. Littlehorn Sundae Ice cream dress. 12. Eve’s sister Kaleidoscope dress. 13. Bella and Lace Rhona Dress. 14. Minti Diamond Heart dress.

Hopefully you are enjoying a true Australian Summer and get to wear these!!!


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